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I take care of my candles

In order to enjoy your candle for a long time, I will give you some practical advice on how to use it best.

Maybe you’ll tell me that you don’t need me to light your candle. I totally agree with you. But don’t panic, it’s not about that.

If you have already purchased or ordered one of my candles, you always receive a small booklet to take care of your candle.

I would like to know more.

When lighting a candle, it is not necessary to let it burn from morning to evening. Especially when it comes to a natural candle. When the pool is formed (liquid wax on the entire surface), the fragrance has reached its maximum, it will not smell stronger, the candle can be extinguished.

I digress.

What should I do?

  • Let the candle burn (during the first lighting) until the wax is melted over the entire surface (approx. 2h/3h max.). This will prevent a hollow from forming;
  • Cut the wick to 0.5cm before each use to avoid uneven burning;
  • Smother the flame with the lid instead of blowing on it. This will avoid that burnt cotton smell. Recenter the wick if necessary;
  • Allow the surface in contact with the candle to cool before touching or moving it.

Important information not to forget. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

My tip.

So that the scent has time to diffuse, light your scented candle 1 hour before receiving your guests.

I answer your questions

Many people have come to me to ask why some of their candles formed a well? Why was the wick curling on itself? And yes, even if these are not my creations, I am willing to answer your questions.

I light my candle from morning to evening

With a natural candle, this is absolutely not necessary. As seen a little above, you should not exceed 2/3 hours maximum burning time depending on the size of the candle. The wax will be completely liquid on the surface, this is called pooling. The perfume will have reached its maximum, it will not smell any stronger.

If the candle is lit beyond this burning time, it will not damage it, but it will result in overconsumption. For a quality, natural candle, it would be a waste.

My candle is hollow

The first ignition is a crucial step that must not be missed. To avoid any form of hollow, it is necessary to light your candle for a certain time during the first combustion. Wait for the pool to form (liquid wax over the entire surface). This step will allow combustion.

If the candle is lit beyond this burning time, it will not damage it, but it will result in overconsumption. For a quality, natural candle, it would be a waste.

The wick curls into the wax

Natural locks may react differently. That is to say, it may not resolve itself each time it is turned on as expected (this is not a lack of product quality, quite the contrary). If it forms what we call a pigtail and curls on itself, it will have to be cut.

To prevent it from breaking (when cold, the wick is fragile), I recommend lighting the candle and extinguishing it immediately (so that the wick is malleable). It will be easier to cut the wick to size.

Candles no longer hold any secrets for you. I’ll let you discover my different scented ranges. You will find gourmet perfumes with the Violet scent, fruity perfumes like Mirabelle or Bergamot but also candles with woody notes such as Sandalwood